Human Resource Information System

Human Resource Information System (HRIS)  a software solution to manage an organization's workforce in a systematic way with the help of HR services and processes automation. is a software business entity with a group of practical HR services provider and IT professionals. It incepted back in 2005 with the aim of bringing digitization and automation in HR department to enhance efficiency in HR processes, contributing to business portfolio by reducing cost and paperless concept to support green world initiatives. As developers has strong HR background both from academic and professional arena, the software gets essence from practical HR practices and procedures which ensured its operation ability and best fit with your business


B2 HRIS Designed, Developed and Maintaining by qualified HR & IT Professionals from their practical HR experience and included latest best HR practices in the world

All modules integrated with each other to remove duplication/repetition of works;

 This is auto updatable software. No need to reinstall manually for new version to all client’s PC. It can uninstall itself and reinstall automatically whenever there is any new version which reduced huge involvement of IT people and hassle in the user end.

 Can operate from anywhere of the world via IP configuration as like web based software;

Supported interface with related systems i.e.: RFID machine, Finger Print, Biometric etc.

Developed using latest front end and back end environment (Visual Studio, SQL Server &

Crystal Reports) with encoding/decoding password protecting system;

Bug free and fully customized and operational; we always demonstrate from live system;

 Customized reporting systems for all modules to generate reports;

 Attractive outlook (Tab, Ribbon and Button system), not traditional menu system;

 Operating in renowned hotels, production and manufacturing industries;

 Real time support via phone, TeamViewer, skype and physical presence as applicable;

Paperless concept to reduce cost and time in every HR functions;

Our esteem customers always provide positive feedback on after sales service quality;